Jarrett Fuller

Agriculture (2013)

24"x36"; oil on canvas

Painting 2 (2016)

24"x48"; oil/acrylic on canvas

Midwestern Summer (2013)

24"x36", oil on canvas

Painting 4 (2017)

12"x9", acrylic on 2 canvases

Painting 5 (2016)

24"x23", oil on canvas

Untitled (2015)

24"x36", oil on canvas

Jarrett Fuller is a designer, critic, and podcaster based in Baltimore, MD.

He’s currently finishing his MFA in graphic design with a concentration in critical studies from Maryland Institute College Art, where he also teaches in the undergraduate design department; hosts the weekly podcast Scratching the Surface; and maintains a freelance design practice.

As a painter, he’s influenced by Gehard Richter, Michael Cina, and Mark Rothko and is interested in texture, color, pattern, and layers.