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Jarrett Fuller is a designer, writer, educator, editor and podcaster. He is director of twenty-six, a multidisciplinary design and editorial studio; hosts the design podcast Scratching the Surface; is a contributing editor at AIGA Eye On Design; and teaches in both undergraduate and graduate programs at Pratt Institute, The New School Parsons School of Design, University of the Arts, and Rutgers University. He previously worked as a designer at Facebook, Warby Parker, and The Whitney Museum of American Art. He received his BFA in graphic design from Kutztown University and his MFA in graphic design and critical studies from Maryland Institute College of Art.


My work spans design, writing, broadcasting, criticism, and education. I’m interested in design as both a noun and a verb and my work focuses on design as a process; the act of forming ideas and giving ideas form. I believe that design is ideology made artifact and must respond to the world around it. In the last twenty years, design’s role has expanded but this should not be seen as colonizing bur rather as democratizing. Design, then, becomes a liberal art.

I run a small, independent design, editorial, and research studio called twenty-six where we engage with clients large and small, around the world, on projects ranging from visual design to editorial strategy to research initiatives. Recent clients have included Thames and Hudson, MIT Press, University of Nevada, Study Hall, and Design Observer. My recent design work can be seen on my studio's website.

My writing has appeared on Design Observer, Eye on Design, and, for the last fifteen years, my own blog. My writing focuses on a range of topics including design criticism, history, and cultural commentary. Recent writing and research has dealt with ideas around design education, design as a liberal art, smart cities and the internet-of-things, and the intersection of philosophy and design. In 2016, I particpated in Triple Canopy's Publication Intensive. In 2018, I designed and co-edited Culture is Not Always Popular: Fifteen Years of Design Observer with Michael Bierut and Jessica Helfand, that collects over 60 essays from the website Design Observer. I'm currently a contributing editor for AIGA's design website, Eye on Design.

I also host and produce Scratching the Surface, a weekly podcast design, theory, and creative practice. I sometimes describe is a podcast about designers who don’t want to be designers. In the end, though, it's basically an excuse for me to talk to people I find interesting. It’s been featured on Architectural Digest, Dezeen, Design Observer, Lecture in Progress, and was included in Curbed's Best Of 2017 list.

In the last few years, teaching has become a central part of my practice. I've taught in both graduate and undergraduate design program at a variety of schools including The New School, Pratt Institute, University of the Arts, Rutgers University, and Maryland Institute College of Art. For me, the classroom is where all my interests really come together: design, writing, criticism, discussion, thinking, making, performing, etc. As a teacher, I'm interested in fostering in my students a love of process and experimentation, cultivating authorship and voice, and thinking critically about their work and the profession at large. You can see a list of courses I've taught and sample syllabi here.

In addition to design, I dabble in photography, painting, producing playlists, making pizza, and fermentation.

I spend my free time reading lots of books, watching movies, running, and practicing yoga. Outside of work, I'm interested in media theory, philosophy, urbanism, history, cooking, and natural wines.


I primarily work on a 15" Macbook Pro attached to a 27" Cinema Display and a 11" iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil. I use:

I photograph with a Fuji X100f, iPhone 11 Pro, and Polaroid 600 and editing happens in Lightroom. I podcast/interview with a Blue Yeti microphone through Zencastr and edit in GarageBand.

About this Site

I'm a believer in making work open source so this site is built entirely with open-source and free tools. The site uses Jekyll, an open-source, static-site generator, and is hosted on Github. It’s set in Karla and Tinos and served up via Google Fonts. You are free to adapt, remix, reuse, and update both the code and visual design for your own needs. That said, if you do use the code for your own site, please include a credit and link back here. Thanks!


I run a small Brooklyn-based design and editorial studio called twenty-six.design. You can see recent work there. We're always taking on new clients.


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