Jarrett Fuller

Forgotten Futures Museum

The Forgotten Futures Museum is a fictional museum I created while a student in MICA’s MFA program. The Forgotten Futures Museum exists to document and archive history’s visions for the future. From flying cars to controlled environments, science fiction films to geodesic domes, the museum remembers the images of the futures that have been forgotten. For the project, I designed the branding and collateral, developed copy, and produced a short trailer to announce the museum’s opening.

  • Design
  • Branding
  • Content
  • Motion
  • Interactive

↑ The museum’s logo is built around the concept of “flattening history”. The text “Forgotten Futures” is split, representing a broken timeline. Text, images, and custom-made collages and sit in the middle of the identity, suggesting being caught in time, somewhere that’s not quite the past, but no longer the future.

↑ Depending on the scale of the logo, it can contain text, single images, or original collages inspired by thinkers, futurists, or museum exhibitions. This allows the logo to be a platform for curatorial exercises and a container for additional content, messaging, and artwork.