Jarrett Fuller

Warby Parker 2011 Annual Report

Warby Parker saw tremendous growth during the year 2011 and wanted an innovative and unusual way to share that data with their customers. We created an interactive, horizontal scrolling year in review anchored by a timeline highlighting various events from the year.

  • Design
  • Infographics
  • Interactive
  • Branding

↑ Slides scrolling across highlight key areas in the company and visualize data ranging from sales growth to website traffic, popular frames by state to favorite beers during the company's happy hour.

The report was featured on TechCrunch and FormFiftyFive.

“The 2011 annual report from @WarbyParker has taken reporting to the next level” —Ashton Kutcher

↑ As a surprise bonus, our front-end developer and myself recorded our screens during the process of designing and developing the year in review and edited into a two minute video, sped up 2000% for a quick behind the scenes video.