Jarrett Fuller

Eurry & Jarrett

On June 3, 2018, I married my long-time girlfriend and best friend Eurry. We got married at the John James Audubon Center, the former home of the famed naturalist and bird painter. I used Audubon's famous paintings as the centerpiece for the design and built a flexible system around them ranging from invitations to nametags to decorations.

  • Visual Design
  • Branding
  • Print

↑ The Save the Date cards were the first announcment that went out to our friends and family. It introduced the new lockup in a simple black and white design.

↑ For the invitations, that went out a few months later, we started incorporating Audubon's images in a fold-out poster on the back of the invitation that collages the state birds from notable locations in our lives: where we were born, where met, where we were getting married, and where we live now. What starts as a simple black and white invite, unfolds into an 18x20 full-color poster.

↑ For the ceremony itself, I designed a twenty-page booklet that served as a program for the day as well as a scrapbook of our lives, including family photos, favorite recipes, and fun facts.

↑ Leading up to the wedding day, we constantly directed guests to the website where the latest information was posted, from the day's schedule to information on lodging and registry.

↑ Custom table cards were designed, again incorporating Audubon's paintings. For the nametags, small iconography was created to help the servers know what dishes went where. We also gifted every guest with a small box of our favorite gummi bears, complete with a custom label.