Design Writing

Mondays, 3:00pm - 5:50pm

Steuben Hall Room 405

Jarrett Fuller


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January 22

Class introductions, syllabus, etc

LECTURE: Writing *is* design

READ: What writing has to do with design, Writing is the new unicorn skill, Words as Material, What is this thing called graphic design criticism?

ASSIGNMENT: bring in a piece of design that inspired you this week

January 29

LECTURE: Writing about design / criticism

READ: Why I Became an Architect, Why I Write, Introduction to Poetry, Spelling Poem, Pantoum, Sweethearts

ASSIGNMENT: Write "Why I Am An Designer" essay (minimum of 500 words), bring in a few pieces of paper with lots of text (magazine article, old syllabus, etc.)

February 5

LECTURE: Poetry and the economy of language

IN CLASS: Why I'm a designer responses, erasure poetry

READ: Energy and Rue

ASSIGNMENT: Essay 1 "Triangulation" proposal

February 12

LECTURE: The Essay

READ: Far Away from Here, The Nature of the Fun, Shitty First Drafts, Structure, one essay of your choosing

ASSIGNMENT: Essay 1 outline

February 19

LECTURE: Structure/diagramming/outlining

READ: The Braindead Microphone, Lolita (part 1, 1-5)

February 26


LECTURE: Voice/Tone/Language

IN CLASS: write essay in new voice, editing exercise

ASSIGNMENT: Read essay drafts

March 5

ESSAY 1: Workshop Day 1

March 12


March 19

March 26

LECTURE: Story/Myth/Hero's Journey

IN CLASS: Microfiction activity, collaborate storytelling assignment

READ: The Shape of Words, Can Do, The Medium is the Massage, Electric Information Age, watch video essays

ASSIGNMENT: finish Triangulation Essay, choose essay 3 topic

April 2


LECTURE: The visual aspect of writing

IN CLASS: Essay 2 outlines/editing

ASSIGNMENT: written proposal and outline

April 9

IN CLASS: workshop proposals and outlines

ASSIGNMENT: finish visual essay draft

April 16

IN CLASS: look at visuals/prototypes/drafts for essay in small groups.

READ: Essay 3 draft submitted to Google Drive by April 18th. Read Essay 3 drafts before next class.

Reminder! Thesis Pamphlets must be submitted on April 20 at 5:30pm!

April 23

ESSAY 3: workshop day 1

April 30

ESSAY 3: workshop day 2

May 7


Final class wrap up, course evaluations