MFA Graduate Seminar B

Mondays, 6:00pm - 8:50pm

Steuben Hall Room 409

Jarrett Fuller


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August 27

IN CLASS: class intro, syllabus, thesis progress

READ: Raymond Williams's Keywords (introduction)

ASSIGNMENT: Begin Glossary of Terms

September 3


September 10

LECTURE: Research methods, making an argument

IN CLASS: Glossary of Terms progress, Historical & Contextual Framework essay

ASSIGNMENT: Finish Glossary of Terms, prepare primiliary bibliography

READ: How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read

September 17


IN CLASS: Review research readings, discuss outlining/organizing

ASSIGNMENT: Framework Petcha Kutcha presentation (20 slides, 20 seconds each)

READ: Outlines, watch Studio Practice #9.

September 24

IN CLASS: Historical/Contextual Framework Presentations

ASSIGNMENT: Historical/Contextual Essay first draft

READ:Shitty First Drafts by Anne Lammot

October 1

October 8

IN CLASS: editing exercise, discuss writing modes and publication design

ASSIGNMENT: begin second draft, publication design, draft/plan for Contribution statement

October 15

IN CLASS: Book design and Historical Contextual Essay Workshop

ASSIGNMENT: final draft / digital publication

October 22

*Historical/Contextual Essay due*

IN CLASS: Presentation Rehersals group 1

October 29

IN CLASS: Presentation Rehersals group 2

READ: Just Design and Design: The Blindspot of Theory

November 5

Individual Meetings

ASSIGNMENT: finish contribution statement, begin capstone

November 12

IN CLASS: small group contribution essay feedback

ASSIGNMENT: finish capstone

November 19

*Contribution Statement Due*

Individual Meetings

ASSIGNMENT: capstone presentation

November 26

IN CLASS: Capstone proposal presentations

December 3

*Capstone proposal due*

IN CLASS: prepare for thesis review