MFA Thesis Research

Thursdays, 6:00pm – 8:50pm

Steuben Hall Room 410

Jarrett Fuller


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January 18

IN CLASS: Class intros, syllabus, grading, Thesis guidelines

LECTURE: What is research? What is design research?

IN CLASS: map/diagram work

READ: The Rise of Research in Graphic Design, Speculative Everything (Chp. 1 and 3), Research & Destroy

ASSIGNMENT: (1) Finish work diagram, (2) potential thesis questions, (3) begin collecting examples of design research, (4) bring in five items that caught your eye this week.

January 25

LECTURE: What makes a good thesis?

IN CLASS: Noticing responses

READ: The Accidental Power of Design, Just Design, Unbuilding

ASSIGNMENT: collect examples of research through design

February 1

LECTURE: Design as inquiry

IN CLASS: review research examples, thesis derive, forumlating research questions

READ: Research to Fuel the Creative Process, Qualitative Methods: From Boring to Brilliant, and Overview of Quantitative Methods in Design Research

ASSIGNMENT: thesis research questions

February 8

*Pin-up Design Research Examples

IN CLASS: review research questions

ASSIGNMENT: choose thesis question, and begin initial research

Februrary 15

IN CLASS: Library Presentation (6:00-7:30pm — Room 417)

LECTURE: Research methodologies and the literature review

ASSIGNMENT: begin literature review

February 22

Literature Review responses: Typography

March 1

Literature Review responses: Material Exploration

March 8

Literature Review responses: Interactive

March 15

*Spring Break — No Class*

Literature Review responses: Speculative Design submitted to Google Drive

March 22

IN CLASS: Literature Review responses: Performance

ASSIGNMENT: begin pamphlet and presentation

March 29

*Literature Review Due*

Pamphlet presentation and design

April 5

Pamphlet presentation and design

April 12

Presentations Round 1

April 19

Presentations Round 2

*Pamphlet and presentation files due*


(late submission will result in lower grade)

April 26

*Candidacy Reviews — No Class

May 3

*2nd Year Thesis Defenses*

(mandatory attendance for 1st year students)