Visualizing Language II

Tuesdays, 1:00 – 6:50pm

Jarrett Fuller


Subject to change. Download PDF version


Week 1

Project 1: Cross Platform Publication - research, analysis and presentation

  • Groups of two–three will be formed and publications selected from the list at right.
  • Working in those groups, we will begin to analyze and identify the grid structure(s) and typographic hierarchy of one printed issue of the chosen publication.
  • Dissect the publication’s overall content structure.
  • Pay careful attention to grid structures, typographic form (font, leading, size).
  • Identify elements of typographic hierarchy (headlines, titles, call outs, captions, etc...).
  • Identify additional design elements.
  • Consider the relationship of visual styles to content and be ready to talk about it.
  • Delegate take-home tasks within group.

Week 2

  • Still working in groups, synthesize Week 1 research into a presentable format.
  • Establish presentation format, and distill and organize findings.
  • Delegate take-home tasks within group.

Week 3-4

  • Finalize presentations, group work sessions with instructor critique.
  • Present final research and analysis in group critique.

Week 4-5 (or 6)

  • Repeat process with parallel digital version(s) of chosen publication, paying special attention to how content and form are adapted to screen-based media.
  • Pay attention to factors effecting on-screen legibility. Consider how publication identity is maintained in multiple formats.
  • Building on established presentation format, distill and organize findings.
  • Present final research and analysis in group critique.

Week 5 (or 6)

Project 2: Cross Platform Publication

  • Project introduction. Select a topic, theme or unifying concept and design a proposal for a cross-platform (print / digital) publication. You may collect content for this proposal from varying sources as long as they are cited. Discussion of what constitutes a proposal and all specific requirements for the final form/ presentation will be discussed in class, and a project brief distributed.

Week 6 (or 7)

  • Present three topics for consideration and how they will migrate from print to digital mediums.
  • Discuss content development/collection and typographic profiles.
  • Select one topic for development.
  • Develop grid systems and typographic profiles.

Week 7 - 14

  • Develop print and digital formats.

Week 15

  • Final presentation